Thursday, October 28, 2010

Panda Book of the Year 2011

I almost can't believe it - I am back online after 2,5 months without a proper connection besides my mobile phone. I have recently moved from Denmark to Italy together with my wife and children and I thought it would just be a smaller technical issue to get online in our new appartment. But unfortunatly the small village that we live in had run out of phonelines and we had to wait for some sort of antenna to be installed for a long range WiFi solution. Unfortunatly the antennas were sold out due to the high demand but today it happened. I am finally able to sit down in my own chair and log on.

This also makes me able to send out the the exciting announcement that my latetst book called Tiger Spirit has been awarded the distinction of Panda Book of the Year by WWF in Sweden. Last week I flew into Stockholm to give a short presentation of the book and accept the distinction, which was handed over by the H.M. the Swedsih King at Ulriksdal Castle.
The book also features some amazing photos taken by my good friend and one of the worlds best tiger guides Satyendra Tiwari. Satyendra himself is a fine photographer and true conservationist.

Foto: Germund Sellgren / WWF

The jury wrote: Tiger Spirit is an exiting journey trough the rich and diverse habitat of India, from the foothills of Himalaya to the dry decidious forests of Gujarat and the jungle of central India. The readers will meet the tiger, the Indian rhino and the Asiatic lion and the people who lives in their proximity.

Tiger Spirit is out now in Swedish and a Danish and English version will hopefully follow as soon as I have found the right publisher. So if you know anybody worth trying - Please let me know :o)

I also made small video for the presentation at Stockholm intended for Youtube to promote the knowledge of these animals that are all endangered and might very well be gone within a few years unless we do something about it now.

I hope that you will enjoy it.