Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to my new Blog

Hello everyone,

Well, this is going to be fun. I have just started this new blog because I have recieved quite a few emails asking me about newsletters and updates about my work. So instead of doing newsletters and because I know that it is more easy to write about things when they have just happned i decided to make a blog instead. Well, it was actually my wife who introduced me to this new wonder of the internet (new for me, that is...)

Here I will try to keep you updated about what is going on, what i am working on and whenever possible i will try to update the blog when i am in the field. Next up will be a trip to India to work on a photographic project describing Tiger conservation and habitat loss due to global warming. Sounds boring ? I promise you that it wont be, keep an eye on this blog and i will do my best to make it fun and entertaining. Last time I was there I actually had an Indian Lagur peeing from a branch and into my eye. Lesson learnt: If you are under a tree with angry langurs, dont look up...

And please, feel free to comment on the articles. Being a wildlife photographer is a lonely job and it is always nice with somebody to talk to. Allthough I can not promise to answer all comments as I also have to have time to edit the photos that i take.

I look forward to write on this blog and to hear from all of you. Let´s keep it fun because that is after all what life should be like.

Best wishes to all of you.