The Wenger Arctic Light Project is all about showcasing the beauty of the far north and creating a understanding of the living conditions for both animals and people living in this part of the world. The Arctic is by far one of the wildest and most inaccessible places left on this earth and the place is a treasure of natural wonders. But it is also a place that is facing changes unlike to what we have ever seen before. Global warming, arctic mining for oil and minerals and an exploitation of the whole zone for a world that has gone hungry for natural resources. All of this creates problems as well as opportunities for everybody living there.  But all of these things need focus and attention. The Wild North is not a one-sided story about conservation it is about reality. It is about a true care of nature, that I believe lingers within all of us and a love that anyone who have ever witnessed the Arctic will understand
So in the believe of what we love, we will protect, this project will try to inspire people around the planet to do what we can to make sure that this amazing place will also exist for future generations to enjoy.
I am proud to work with Wenger as the sponsor of the Arctic Light Project
So if you you are interested in the future of the Arctic, please join me on Facebook where you can read all the new stories, see links to published articles and comment on the newest photos and videos.

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