In my work as a photographer I get to work in many different environments, which is a part of the adventure, that makes the job exciting. Trough times I tested and used my gear to the extremes of its capability. I have been working at -40° in the Arctic traveling on dogsled, I have taken my camera under frigid waters to photograph Beluga whales, I have sat for hours in very hot dessert-like surroundings photographing the last lions of India and my gear has the marks to prove it. Now I am also working in studios and on locations closer to home and that to can create some wear and tare. But no matter what I will be photographing my first thought is always what equipment do i need to solve it.
I currently work with two different camera systems for different purposes. The first is a PhaseOne 645 medium format camera with an IQ180 Digital back paired with a range of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. The other one is a Canon EOS 1D MkIV with a large collection of Canon L-lenses from 15 - 500mm. For light I work with Broncolor and uses the Verso- and the Scoro generators for quick recycling times in the field and in the studio. I use Gitzo tripods and heads. All this gear has been carefully chosen and has proven itself countless times.

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