Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to my new Blog

Hello everyone,

Well, this is going to be fun. I have just started this new blog because I have recieved quite a few emails asking me about newsletters and updates about my work. So instead of doing newsletters and because I know that it is more easy to write about things when they have just happned i decided to make a blog instead. Well, it was actually my wife who introduced me to this new wonder of the internet (new for me, that is...)

Here I will try to keep you updated about what is going on, what i am working on and whenever possible i will try to update the blog when i am in the field. Next up will be a trip to India to work on a photographic project describing Tiger conservation and habitat loss due to global warming. Sounds boring ? I promise you that it wont be, keep an eye on this blog and i will do my best to make it fun and entertaining. Last time I was there I actually had an Indian Lagur peeing from a branch and into my eye. Lesson learnt: If you are under a tree with angry langurs, dont look up...

And please, feel free to comment on the articles. Being a wildlife photographer is a lonely job and it is always nice with somebody to talk to. Allthough I can not promise to answer all comments as I also have to have time to edit the photos that i take.

I look forward to write on this blog and to hear from all of you. Let´s keep it fun because that is after all what life should be like.

Best wishes to all of you.

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  1. Hey Uri.

    YOU can definitely SEE "IT" in your pictures...the expansion...the wild raw earth the way it naturally is: and you do a brilliant job of explaining it in images...and you do it well also in words. Thank you so much for these great pictures. I have just seen Greenland today, and now your site. I am so impressed by them, captured by them! Congratulations. I am sure your book will do well, and it is perfect timing now! I think I can answer your question by the way...why Greenland and the wilderness keeps drawing you back...quote by Uri says... "An infinite mixture that pulls on something that lies deeply buried in our souls...", which you say that you can´t explain in words. I know it also, and have been trying to explain it. I hope to meet you one day.
    Watching the light bounce around.

    David ;-)