Friday, February 5, 2010

Back to the Arctic

Hello everybody,

Sorry about the waiting time, i guess i will have to pick up on my blogging skills ;o)

I am now finishing up my project on conservation in India and what an exiting project that has been. Especially my last trip to Kaziranga was incredible and i got some amazing shots of Rhino and Elephant. I am now planning my last trip to get some more and i will be writing some more about that later on...

Being in India has been an incredible experience and the fact that i actually saw and photographed wildlife each day has been a nice change after many years spent tracking down elusive animals in the cold. The warm weather, the good food and the colors has given me a creative kick but also made me realize that i miss the far north. The loneliness, the cold breeze and all the gearing up before an expedition into the wild has been drawing in me all the time. The Arctic bug has bitten me and i will have to admit to some kind of addiction with the place, the people, the wildlife and the really wild nature. OK - Call me crazy but the Arctic is where i feel at home, what can i do about that?

So here is some news that have just got out today. I have just been named Official Photographer for The Arctic Fox Center in Sudavik in Iceland. The AFC and I has made an agreement on a new project for 2010 and 2011 which means that i will be spending A LOT of time in the north photographing and documenting the life of the Arctic Fox. You can read more about the news here:

So back to the Arctic (Subarctic really) it is. I can not wait to start the project and i am all ready checking up on my winter gear. I even picked up my daughter from kindergarten on my telemark skis and dragged her all the way home on her plastic sledge to get some practice. What an expedition that was :o) and now i can only sit in my chair writing on my laptop because of my sore legs. Surely i will have to work on my physical condition and burn away some of that good indian food, before venturing back into the cold.

I will keep you posted as soon as there is news.

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