Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Into the WILD video

Check out this small "behind the scenes" video we did during the WILD shoot at the Natural History Museum in Denmark. In the video I talk about working with the Phase One 645DF and the IQ180 Digital back plus the idea behind the whole shoot.

The Phase One camera and the Broncolor light (I used the Verso with one Pulso G lamp) worked perfectly together.

At the beginning of the day I was a bit stressed about all the unknown factors like the scratched thick glass of the dirorams and the light in the dioramas that could not be switched off.
But as soon as our team got started the whole shoot showed out to be both interesting and great fun. The two brave models Marie Sander and Nathalie from Unique Models jumped into their roles as "childs of nature" with ease and the stylist Anna Neretto and the makeupartist Louise Bruun worked their magic while my assitant Lorenzo and I fixed the light and prepared for the shoot.

The whole editorial will be published online in Nude Magazine in the beginning of August.

Thank you everybody for a fantastic day :)


  1. What a wonderful shot. Its not very easy to get a licence for a shooting on a such wonderful place. Congratulations and greeting from good old germy (near Neader-Valley ;-)
    Holger Reich, Wupperphotograph

  2. Hi Holger,

    Thanks for your comment I am happy you like the shot :) And yes it is difficult to get a license for a shot like that and we were quite lucky to get trough. First I thought about doing the whole shoot in PS but that would be to much cheating for my taste ;)

    Have a great day,