Sunday, July 8, 2012

The WILD Project

Nature has always been an incredibly large part of my life and has colored most of my choices. For me nature has a magnetic effect on my soul that I can not ignore. For the past many years I have been traveling around the world, photographing what I love in the search for true adventure and for that special peace...

I believe that all people have a connection with nature. It starts in childhood and then we gradually looses it as we get older if we are not exposed to nature trough our upbringing. Sometimes it comes back to us when we are older and we start searching for the link that we lost at an earlier stage. Some people takes up hiking, others rafting or birdwatching. There are so many things we can do to reconnect with nature but for most it remains a missing piece in the puzzle of life.

With the Wild project I want to create imagery that makes us question our connection with nature and challenges our perception of beauty in a way that will hopefully lead us to think about the way we are dealing with nature today. For most people nature is something that we see exhibited in magazines and in museums. When we look at the images we think about the beauty and how fantastic it would be to see it with our own eyes. After a few seconds, most of us, will have forgotten about it and we have returned to our everyday life. As a conservation photographer I know that we can challenge that and produce imagery that will linger and hopefully make us take some steps to protect what we see.

The WILD Project will seek to revive our feelings towards nature and to reconnect us with what we are. To me, there is no difference between us and nature. We ARE nature and instead of running away we should seek to become WILD again.

I will make sure to post stories and photos from the project here on my blog and stay tuned for the first story which I shot for NUDE Magazine in Copenhagen. The story behind the shoot and some preview photos will be up sometime next week.

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