Friday, April 16, 2010

Rhino in the Mist - ICP Awards at the Burke Museum

The Burke Museum in Seattle has chosen my image: Rhino in the Mist to promote the upcoming ICP Awards show. The exhibition will open on June the 19th and there will be a great exhibition of the awarded images of this years International Conservation Photography Awards.

I took this image of a lone male Rhino in Kaziranga, India in january 2010 on a misty day. The Indian Rhino is listed as vulnerable with the IUCN and is under great threat from poaching and serious loss of habitat. But fortunatly the numbers in Kaziranga are increasing and now Rhino relocations to other parks such as Manas are taking place. So hopes for the Indian Rhino are fortunatly going the right way.

I remember that when i took this photo i was struck by a real sense of awe. Here i was, just a few meters away from a very large animal, the size of a small car. It had definetly noticed me but was grazing slowly just looking up to check on my location. As it stood there it in the mist, it looked so vulnerable and I just shot a few frames and spent a few seconds enjoying the scene. After that I slowly got up and moved on to leave it to itself in the middle of the tall elephant grass.

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