Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Geographic Channel Photo Competition

Hello everybody,

I have just returned to Denmark after a fantastic start to the Arctic Fox Project. A part of the project is about describing the incredible arctic nature and just as i was starting to pack up my things to leave for Iceland the volcano at Myrdallsjökull erupted. So instead of going north to the foxes i decided to work on the volcano for this time. A thing like that only happens very seldom so it is all about grabbing the chance when it is there. But more on this soon.

Also i would like to announce that i have been chosen to judge the Danish National Geographic Channel Photo Competition.

The competition will be focusing on danish nature and there are some exciting prizes to win. So try and check out this link and make sure to sign up for this interesting event.

I will be judgeing the competition together with Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson who have both worked doing articles for National Geographic Magazine for years and i must say that i really look forward to this.

The competition is allready running and i cannot wait to see the images. So good luck everybody.

All my best,


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